As a Result of a series of diastrophism over a vast span of time beginning approximately 80 million years ago, it is claimed that a rock situated in the present day Hawaiian Islands traveled a long way to Mt Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture in Japan for a future blessing. It was Yamamoto corporation who first started finding the useful properties within this rock towards making neoprene three generations ago and ever since other global manufacturers have been trying to keep up with the art Yamamoto have perfected.

The rock, charmed by its mysteriousness has continued to create business enterprise and it a beautiful natural resource.

The rock is composed of 99.7% calcium carbonate. It is miraculously free from almost all other impurities. From the basis of this rock a number of extremely high quality rubber materials have found their creation in sporting gear, medicines and textiles. It have been revolutionary in what’s it has enabled through Japanese testing and understanding and it is allowing us to create the world’s best wetsuits using both technical rubber and also bio rubber materials. The scope of activities has only just begun and as HASU journeys in partnership with Yamamoto into Surfing, Mountaineering, Triathlon, Climbing and extreme performance activities the use of this Japanese technology is being embraced to create world leading products that are both ground breaking, performance focused designed to emulate clean, classic style.